Coach - Author - Speaker - Lover of Life and Humanity

Phil began his study of human behaviour and human experience over twenty years ago when he started to take up leadership positions within his corporate career and became curious about what makes people tick.

Originally working in I.T. and progressing through leadership positions to board level, he has been running group events and coaching professionally since 2005.

“Phil is internationally renowned as one of the most powerful and unique coaches around, and a leader in the coaching community.”

He has coached Hollywood actors, international models, an international journalist, artists, authors, film directors, corporate executives, and numerous business owners and entrepreneurs.

He continues on his path of mastery by investing time, money and energy, travelling regularly between the UK and the USA to continue to learn from and work with fellow masters in the field of coaching, business, professional and personal development. His own list of coaches, trainers and mentors includes Steve Chandler, Rich Litvin, Robert Holden, Michael Neill, Byron Katie and Steve Hardison.
Each time we learn something new about ourselves we get a glimpse of who we really are. That’s what really excites me, helping someone discover who they really are without all their noise, and have them show up as that person in the world and truly express their own creativity.
Phil works one-on-one with a select few amazing clients across the globe whilst himself living a life of passion and exploration, travelling around Europe and the USA.

“My coaching brings clarity, simplicity and focus. I work with people who are willing to connect deeply with themselves and their capacity to be in love with life.  In doing so they create a life of effortless passion guided by true inner wisdom.

This is not for the faint of heart.  This is for those willing to live from the heart, for those willing to allow themselves to be in touch with all that they are and all they can be, a self expression of creation, living from their soul.

My coaching has no rules, no scripts, no prerequisites or techniques.  
We explore. We dance. We create. You thrive.”

Details of opportunities to create together can be found here.

All sincere enquires via email to ObscureMyEmail
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