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046 Stacy Nelson

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Emerging from a Cave, a sledgehammer in one hand and a pen in the other.

What do you do when you wake up one morning to see the world isn’t what you thought it was and it was your fault that you didn’t know more.
What do you do when you realise your work and spiritual exploration had enabled you to isolate yourself in a bubble of omm from the world, and you could no longer not pay attention to what was going on?
Stacy shares with raw honesty and passion her exploration and realisation of the darker side of consciousness, and how she has once again reinvented how she works, and is now looking to make a real difference, a useful and meaningful difference, in the world.

I implore you to read
Stacy’s article on Medium.
But do settle in, she suggests make some tea, it’s where she’s been…’to the edge of her consciousness and into the abyss. Fair warning - This is a long read…’

Here’s a little more about Stacy:
The Formal Official Bio Because People Ask...
Stacy is a serial Entrepreneur. While in her corporate life she built million dollar divisions and worked in Business Development, she learned that she was indeed thoroughly unemployable and quickly outgrew every position she took on. Having built countless businesses in the past 15 years, some successfully written up in Entrepreneur Magazine and some total utter failures (or grand experiments depending on how you look at it), she realized 8 years ago that the business of transformation was the path that was most in alignment with her.

Multi-passionate to the core, she has written multiple best selling books under her own publishing company, BadAss Publishing Co., and has Mentored and Coached hundreds of Intuitive Entrepreneurs to deeper levels of success. Her greatest goal for her clients is not to raise their bottom line (although that happens auto-magically), but to have each person reach the highest levels of self trust they've ever experienced and use their innately intuitive voice to create awesomeness in the world.

You can find out more about Stacy, including her ‘Bio From My Heart’ at
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