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Investing in the Unknown

It takes quite an investment and leap of faith to spend over fourteen hours on an airplane to travel to an event from which you don’t really know what you’ll get. Brenton shares his journey from the other side of the coaching relationship - as a client and avid explorer of personal development. He also shares how he has caught himself living a double life, continues to shift from people pleasing to people loving, and how he quit his well-paid job to step completely into the unknown. What’s next?

Here's a little more about Brenton:
Taking steps away from what is considered normal…. Brenton is currently swimming in the unknown, having sold his home and walked away from a $110k (AUD) job in September last year. Ask him what he plans to do and you will likely get the response “I don’t know” and if you do get a more definitive answer he is probably making up a story so you won’t feel uncomfortable with his unconventional approach.

The story so far…..

For the last 20 years or so Brenton has worked as a nurse. For the first 10 years, clinically, in the field of Intensive Care in Sydney, Australia and in London, UK and more recently as a Nurse Educator, initially in ICU and developing across all areas of nursing education. It is in this period he has become more curious about himself and others. He has experienced the power of investing in himself through coaching, travelling, and attending workshops around the world to explore his curiosity.

Right now he is on a journey, which may well lead him into becoming a coach, but nothing is certain. Having chosen not to work, for almost a year, Brenton has reacquainted himself with emotions he has blocked for most of his life, fear, anger, and shame to name a few, and has enjoyed the space to continue exploring.

To be continued…

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