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049 Antti Vanhanen

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Opening The Empty Toolbox

As a former habit and strategy junkie, Antti noticed that none of the tools and techniques he was trying seemed to bring the long-term results he was seeking. An insight into the nature of our human experience opened up a world where Antti simply gets on with living life in his own style, and he gets to help others do the same.

Considering the human tendency to make things more complex than necessary, that might sound too easy. In this episode you’ll get a sense of Antti’s willingness to explore, experiment, simply try things out and play full out at being of service to others.

Here’s a little more about Antti:
Antti is a transformative coach who creates a space for others to rediscover their own innate wisdom, peace and resilience. When it comes to personal transformation, the only wisdom, resilience or joy that matter are your own. I help people from all walks of life to experience more joy and peace in their lives, or simply to perform better at whatever they do.
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