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053 Melissa West

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Exploring Possibility with Action

What’s possible when you take action without credence to the fearful noise that we all have in our heads? What’s possible when you reach out and connect with people, embracing the big breaks that show up when you relentlessly look for opportunities to connect and serve?

Melissa shares with us how she reached her goal of transitioning from full-time employment in I.T. with zero coaching clients, to leaving that job, replacing her employment income and having a sustainable coaching practice in just 9 months, something she achieved within one day of her original goal.

She also talks about the authenticity and transparency in this profession, falling flat on your face, and being willing to delegate to live your own designed life.

Here’s a little more about Melissa:
Melissa V. West is the founder of Xtreme Results Coaching, where she guides coaching professionals to build a purpose and passion driven business. She helps her clients get unstuck and out of their own way and so they can do the fulfilling work they are meant to do… and make a healthy living while doing so! She totally believes that each person has infinite creative potential to design the life they desire. She shares this message worldwide through coaching, training, mentoring, and keynote speaking.

Melissa is the author of ‘Hot Pursuit’ and ‘Your Daily W.O.W.’

She serves a community of coaches who are in Hot Pursuit of building their profitable businesses here with free training and resources:

You can follow Melissa on Facebook at

When she’s not serving her clients, she’s creating memories with her husband and two daughters.
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