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066 Leighann Amanda

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The Courage to Love

When her idyllic and dream life fell apart suddenly in October 2017, Leighann began a process and journey of grief, healing, and re-emergence, which she shares in this moving conversation. With much to handle in the aftermath of the sudden passing of her fiancé whilst they were together on the other side of the world, and then embarking on travelling to twelve different countries as she reconnected with her passion for this work, Leighann shares with us some of her challenges along the way, and how her courage to love has carried her through.

Here’s a little more about Leighann:

By age 25, Leighann had created her dream life. She was a yoga teacher, a psychology graduate, a highly trained coach with top-ranked schools, had a thriving coaching practice, and was engaged to the man of her dreams. She and her fiancé were in Thailand to work with a client in October of 2017 when her fiancé suddenly died next to her at age 28 with no warning - and her dream life was gone in an instant. For the next year and a half, Leighann embarked on a new healing journey, and traveled and lived in 12 different countries, redefining her life, identity, heart, and soul. Now, she's still in love with the service of coaching, and aspires every day to be the embodiment of the lessons she learned from grief and trauma. She believes that, if you choose, tragedy can be the invitation to a higher level of existence.

You can find out more about Leighann at
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