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In the Naked Hearts Podcast internationally renowned relationship and leadership coach Phil Goddard embarks on an open and undisguised exploration of personal and professional relationships and connection, getting bare and stripped with guests from the coaching, relationship and business world.

007 - Phlippe Bartu

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I Behaved Badly, Now What?

Ever pondered this in your relationship?

In an episode that could have been called “Men Behaving Badly” (named after a UK comedy series, but of course this is not a gender specific thing,) Philippe Bartu and Phil Goddard explore what is it that has us behave badly in our relationships, and what can we look to do differently…

006 - Emily Nature

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The Power of Your Creative Energy

Is sharing our heart in our writing truly vulnerable or is it playing safe?

Emily shares the story behind releasing her book this year, a book that kept calling to her, in which she reveals intimately her naked heart.

005 - Piers Thurston

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Opening the Aperture of Love

Is living with a Naked Heart about oneness?

Piers joins us in an exploration of what it is to be in the dance of being human and some deeper spiritual aspects of that.

004 - Annie Romanos

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Waking Up to Wisdom

What’s it like to wake up and realise you are in a relationship for everyone else except yourself?

What can happen when you ignore wisdom that’s expressed through your body? What if there really is nothing wrong with you?

Annie candidly explores these questions and others, and shares her story of getting back in touch with her Naked Heart.

003 - Philippe Bartu

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Being Okay with Change

Given that we are creating our experience from within 100% of the time, when would we look to change our outside circumstances?

Philippe and Phil dive into this inquiry…

002 - Kim Kaase

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Walking Away for Love

Kim shares her naked heart journey of tearing herself away from someone she deeply loved, navigating moving on, and reveals the key to her evolving into easy relating, intimately and with love.
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