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006 - Emily Nature

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The Power of Your Creative Energy

Is sharing our heart in our writing truly vulnerable or is it playing safe?

Emily shares the story behind releasing her book this year, a book that kept calling to her, in which she reveals intimately her naked heart.

But has this been a way of showing her heart without risk? Who did she write it for?

Can our desire to be perfect, to be more than who we are, actually keep us hiding?

How do we open up the conduit for creative energy for the pure joy of expression?

Perhaps you will find her fears in expressing the language of her heart familiar.

Emily now helps people birth their creative projects into the world, and helps them see how they can be more like a fruit tree…

You can find out more about Emily at
Links to purchase her book, Songs of the Rose in paperback or Kindle from Amazon, or get a free sample, at

Emily’s Creative Inception free offering at

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