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Amazing Eyes

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“You have amazing eyes!”

A couple of people have said this to me recently, and whilst I am grateful for the compliment, I also appreciate the truth in those words.

My eyes are amazing!

Because of what they allow me to see.

Just this morning…
A beautiful picture sent to me that has me gasp and breathless.
The fresh emptiness of the Marina on my way to the gym.
The warmth of the sunshine gleaming through the windows whilst on the treadmill.
A lone pigeon peeking at me from outside the window.
A dove gliding and circling oh so high in the clear blue sky as I walk home.
Eggs. Breakfast eggs, graceful in their simplicity.
The white and orange of an Easyjet aeroplane, ten thousand feet above me.
The hundreds of glistening droplets of water in the shower.
Some pretty damn cool socks.
Words on my computer screen that have me chuckle and smile.

And a thousand other things in thousands of moments.

And once again back to that picture. Wow.

Yes, my eyes are amazing. What they see amazes me.