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I’m always surprised, and at the same time reassured, how connected and in alignment we can be with some people, even though, physically, we may be separated by many miles, ideas opinions and outlook. Some connections are beyond this physical realm, for sure, yet leak into it, in ways demonstrating and leaving clues to that connection that can be disputed, yet, once we see, are irrefutable.

I wonder what might be available to us if we truly embraced these connections, even if they go against many ideas, ideals and intellectual understandings we have of this worldly realm?…

We can call such evidence of connections coincidence, or ‘accidents’ but, of course, ‘there are no accidents,’ as I was reminded by a dear friend recently. What if this all is set up for us?…

When I was younger I’d describe much of my thinking and outlook on life as scientific. Yet, as I’ve explored human behaviour over the last 20 years or so, and particularly our spiritual nature over the last 12 years, it’s increasingly obvious to me there is more to this condition of being human than our little minds can muster. We are connected in ways beyond our comprehension.

We are all dancing in the energy of life and love. There is a mystery to this that we might ignore. Yet, it seems to me, embracing it invites us into possibilities of beautiful unions across our interpretation of physical and spiritual realms. Perhaps the ultimate union back to oneself.

Sometimes I think maybe I am just dreaming… and maybe being able to send dreams, thinking of and sharing exactly the same things at the same times, are just part of a coincidental dream… Maybe this is all one big dream.

Yet some things we see cannot be unseen. And sometimes seeing only takes a glimpse.

As Dr Wayne Dyer often said, we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. And it’s very clear to me that, underneath this human experience, we are connected in ways that may look mysterious to the human mind, yet make complete sense beyond our physical realm.

Once we’re open to really seeing this, we get to see more of the miraculous, everyday miracles that become kind of matter-of-fact. ‘Of course!’ I find myself exclaiming, when I see evidence of such connections. Of course! How could I ever doubt it?

Ah yes… doubt… my little indicator I am attempting to separate myself from love.

To all of you reading this, I love you, I hope you feel that. And to those that don’t, won’t read this, I also know you can feel my love. In the quiet moments you let it in.

The denial of truth doesn’t make it untrue. My truth is I feel you. There is no separation.

And I love you. Mind, body & spirit.