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How the Goddess of Ego Hides You from You

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One thing I have been seeing more and more over the last few years is that to truly help people we only need point them towards their true essence, and to do otherwise is not only ultimately unhelpful, in many cases also proliferates further suffering.

To have people search inside themselves for concepts such as goddesses of compassion or abundance, or examine their levels of masculinity and femininity with a view to change, however well intended, is like holding up a mirror to someone that has a picture already drawn on it. Whilst it is suggested that the attributes of these ideals are within us all, what they have people do is look for aspects of themselves in a form that may not be true for them, thereby inspiring a feeling of lacking.

So many times I've seen and heard comments such as “I struggle so much with this” or “I’ve lived all my life in this unhealthy way.” Yet, who’s to say it is something for you to struggle with or that it is unhealthy? Coach’s unconscious mission accompli - you feel there is something you need to work on to be healthy, you enlist the help of the coach… It all makes for a great marketing strategy, particularly in a culture of fear and self-rejection.

Concepts are held up to us like the proliferation of a disease, subliminally suggesting there is something wrong with us, despite assuring us there is nothing wrong with us, all we need do is find our inner goddess of moon and nature whilst excreting unicorn honeyed-milk in a perfectly balanced masculine and feminine expression of a mission greater than world peace to be worthy of God…

Enough! Please, enough!

These will NEVER help you see you.

Here’s the rub: All the time I am searching in myself for some conceptual ideas of who I think I am or need to be, I am looking for a part of me that only exists in thought. I am actually only ever looking for another part of my ego.

Holding up some conceptual idea of who you are, however well intended, points us away from our true essence, and invariably has us feel that we’re either not enough or not being ourselves, until we find that concept that we seek. Of course, we can never truly find it, it’s like looking for the ocean in a picture of the ocean.

As long as you search for something that does not exist I guarantee you will never find it. All we end up doing is creating a more complex conceptual version of ourselves, creating another set of beliefs about ourselves that limit us in the same way as all formed beliefs do.
And it’s exhausting!!

Oh, to relinquish all that work… to give up all that relates to blame, shame and guilt… to give in to allow the peace of all that we already are without mirrors, drawings, concepts and the craziness of head-full searches within for a self that doesn’t even exist.

What’s it like to be you when you’re not trying to be somebody, even yourself?

You are not a goddess, mermaid, unicorn, alpha-metrosexual-perfect-equilibrium of masculine and feminine.

Your true essence is beyond all these ideas, before all these concepts are formed. It is in this direction and this direction only, before form, that you need look to discover the love that is the true essence of you and allow the full natural expression of yourself.

It is only ever thinking we need to be different that keeps us away from the beauty that we already are. This thinking and exploration ignores the true essence of us that awaits us beyond these ideas, and is the source of all suffering. If you are being encouraged to look in the direction of these concepts you are being directed to suffering.

I invite you to relinquish the exploration of such concepts, they are only ever outside of you and keep you from you, even if you feel you recognise aspects of these concepts within you. The ego so often recognises itself, especially when listed on a menu of fear.

At most, hold these concepts loosely, as observations, in the same way you may observe a bird sweeping across the sky, or the petals of a rose blowing in the wind. And know that the place from which the bird and the rose emerge is the same place within you from which all emerges. No comparison, no analysis, no mermaid cloak or other thinking required.

You are not a concept. You are the energy of pure infinite potentiality, expressing perfectly in any moment. There is no work for you to do to be you. You don’t need to find you to be more you.

There really is nothing for you to do.

Or as my mate puts it - just live ya life!