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Listen to Your Teddy

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When I was a child I used to have conversations with my teddy bear. Whatever was going on he listened lovingly, and in that calm I was able to hear the wisdom of love, albeit I thought it was coming from my beautiful soft toy.

In my teens and early work, I started looking at a couple of my friends as mentors. I looked ‘up’ to them. I continued that in my early working life, having wonderful leaders as mentors. When I got real interested in personal development I looked to some authors and speakers as mentors, and as I developed my coaching career I looked beyond those and discovered other powerful coaches and spiritual teachers, all of whom I have considered as mentors.

Yet, as I have connected more deeply with myself and who I am, I have come to realise that the most powerful mentor I have is me. The true, unconditioned me that is love.

When I drop any ideas of who I think I am and who I need to be, this universe, this life, all I am connected to and have within me so often amazes me!

Love IS amazing.

And as a coach, this is what I wish for my clients too.
Much love.