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Love is the Point of Everything

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Imagine the scenario… you’re at home, sitting on your sofa with your family, maybe playing a game together, watching a movie together, or just chatting, giggling, being…

Then someone calls at your door. You reluctantly get up to answer, and it’s some pumped up Tony Robbins style guy, who talks to you in that deep, gruff voice, pointing a finger at you,

‘You could have an AMAZING life, achieve AMAZING things, experience extraordinary, profoundly fulfilling, tangible results, if you hired someone like me!’ he exclaims energetically. “Don’t waste your life, live your life, take massive action, seek constant and never-ending improvement!”

After a sigh, you gently close the door and return to the lounge. One of your children asks “Who was that?”
“Just someone who was confused” you reply, and get back to the love of your family.

I don't imagine anyone, on their death-bed, would wish they'd hired that coach who pumped them up more and helped them achieve more extraordinary results...

I personally think people are much more grateful for discovering their true essence, and developing a deeper understanding of the nature of being human. From that they are able to experience more love, peace and understanding of others, deeper connections and a deeper happiness beyond any circumstances. Counter-intuitively, perhaps, it is from this place people seem to experience success that they often describe as effortless, simply because they are in tune with their true essence and flow.

A client summed up our work together beautifully:
“Phil showed me how to recognise the deeper aspects of myself, to be more authentic, to see past my excuses, to be in joy, to be love and in love with all things.”

Whilst I have helped many people grow their businesses, these have been bi-products of becoming deeply connected to their true essence, deeply connected to and understanding love.

My favourite client stories remain those where broken family relationships and friendships have been restored to joyful loving ones, where my clients feel in love with life. Feedback such as ‘I find myself loving my family more’ and ‘I feel like I’m doing less work yet my business is thriving, AND I get to spend more time with my wife’ inspires me more than any dollars.

If you’d like to experience more love in your life, deeper connections and relationships, and a deeper happiness from which effortless success seems to flow, message me and let’s talk.

Love always.