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Soul Connections

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We can talk ourselves out of many things, but a soul connection is not one of them. It is beyond the human ideas of love, attraction, loyalty and marriage. It is always there, an energy calling at our heart to be honoured.

It is pure unconditional love, beyond the human form of reasoning. It has no ‘because.’ The soul loves for no reason and every reason.
Without all the noise of reasoning, when we get out of our analytical mind and let go of all mental constructs, when we allow our heart-space, surrendering to the uncertainty that is the absence of intellect, in the peaceful presence of our soul connection, we feel at home.

The energy of our embrace is a dance of soulful unity, dissolving uncertainty because in those moments of surrender, nothing matters. It is a connection beyond matter.

Of course, there can be much drama. Our human ideals can feel deeply ingrained in us since they are fed to us as norms, as desires, from the moment we arrived in this human plane. Yet they oh so often painfully obscure and distract from what is at the heart of our being that no intellect or reason can truly deny. The connection may make no sense to the human intellect, and, why would it? It is not a connection born of any human plane. “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.” Unless we honour the soul connection we will always feel there is something missing, irrespective of success, the ‘ideal’ partner, home, and all others things we seek to fill what is missing in our life.

Talk as much as we might, entertaining intellectual fears and mental ideas, the gift of a soul connection IS enough. But only if we are willing to surrender to letting it be.