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The Illusion of Me

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When I spend time with people exploring the nature of the human experience, and exploring the true essence of love, in an intimate group setting, such as I had the privilege to do last week, I am reminded of the beauty and simplicity of allowing our true nature out into the world.

The deeper I allow the experience of my heart, the less inclined I am to explore or look in directions that take me away from it.

So often we’re led to believe that exploring aspects of our persona, our archetypes, our profiles, our star signs, our types, will help us discover and get in touch with our true selves. Yet my experience and observations are that these kind of explorations, whilst helpful in offering some understanding of the trauma we put ourselves through by believing things about ourselves, are actually a distraction and unnecessary complexity.

Sitting in a room with a group of people exploring love reminds me that, beneath everything we might believe about ourselves, we are all of the same essence, and it is that realisation that reignites our deeper connection to humanity, to our hearts, to those around us, and to ourselves. Within that realisation, strategies, mantras, types and any other nuggets of wisdom offered to me are superfluous.

I know. I just know.
I love. I just love.

In the purity of that space I am connected to the entire universe, to all energy of creation.

I need know nothing about myself because the self I see is illusionary.

Within each and everyone one of us is a being, the beauty, power and love of which cannot be described or captured by any linguistic determination, cannot be represented by any type, cannot be touched by any mantra. Those only serve that which separates us from it, and any continued focus on those aspects of persona only serve to reinforce an illusion of separation from the true nature of our being.

I need not even explore in the direction offered by archetypes, personality maps and mantras, since these only describe the traveller looking for love, convinced he is on a path taking him there.

Yet love is already here. It is beneath all that you believe about yourself. It is the path. It is your type. It already encompasses and embraces all that you are.

Love requires no design, no construction, no architecture. It is beyond all complexities.

In allowing myself to truly know love I am free from all complexities that offer to take me there. I am already there. Here. Right here. I am already what I am searching for.

I am already love.