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The Support of Love

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Love is an inevitable part of life, of being alive.

If we resist love we resist life itself.

Yet we cannot resist that which is true, only dream of its being untrue.

Allowing love, being in love, in the energy of love, has us be more alive, since we are allowing and embracing the energy of love and hence the energy of life itself.

Sadly, some of us resist love, and in doing so often feel dead.

A delusion that we, as a single wave, can survive without the ocean.

If you’re alive you are part of love, and your survival as a wave is not possible without the ocean.

Every single wave, including those of great magnitude, only exist, only thrive, by being made of and fully supported by the ocean.

Allow yourself love. Dance in it. Get wet.

And come to the shore, just as has always been intended.