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Together We Rise

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A.k.a. - Don’t dis my accountability…

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much ALWAYS do what I say I’m going to do…

...if it has an impact on someone else.

Even if that impact is the simple act of telling someone I’m going to do it. Like all of us, I have many ideas about myself, and one of my favourite ones is my integrity - when I say I will do something, I damn well do it!

Because underneath all the stories of enlightenment, I do care what you think about me, and also because of the somewhat stubborn nature of my personality, telling you I’ll do something seems to provide me with a kind of self-image-preserving motivation to get things done.

See! I told ya I'd do it! Impressed? Cue feeling good about myself...

In any case, whatever the psychological reasoning, sharing my intentions motivates my accountability.

Alas, I also notice that is not always the case when the only person I’ve told is me…

Is this some deep lack of commitment on my part? Do I have some commitment issues or commitment phobia? Am I a master procrastinator or some other broken label? Do I need to do a shed load more work on myself, perhaps go do some deep work with a master coach for the price of a small house?

I doubt it…

After studying human behaviour and the nature of our experience of life for over 20 years, it looks much simpler to me.

Alone, we are much more prone to allowing our stories to direct our action. Alone, when our lack of action has no affect on others, most of us are much more prone to inaction.

Yes, of course it is absolutely useful and helpful to discover our deeper ‘why’ and be in touch with our heart’s desires, to help us move from inaction into action. They are all forms of motivation.

And still, with some things, I notice if we are not held accountable we are simply less likely to move, to act.

This is why working with a personal trainer works, and why most of us make more effort to keep an appointment with someone else than providing ourselves with some 'me time'.

Maybe you’re different. That’s cool. Or maybe your perceived difference is just an idea, and you, like me, also exhibit this natural human phenomenon.

Many coaches claim to not play the role of ‘accountability coach’ yet the mere act of having you commit to do something, even declare your intention on a call, does provide some level of accountability.

So lets cut the crap and be up front about this whole accountability thing. As a coach I WILL hold you accountable to what you want. Because I know it will help you get what you want. Period.

Sure, we’ll continue to explore your deeper desires and the role you allow your stories to play in your life, and accountability may diminish into an irrelevance as you come to see and own your deeper desires, as you develop the discipline of remembering what you want.

Indeed it is the remembering of what you want that brings the discipline of taking action towards it.

Discipline is simply remembering what you want. Without being distracted by any other stories.

And in the meantime…

Without doubt accountability does help us take action.
And it’s only action that has us create what we want in the world.

Accountability coach?
Who cares?
I’ll just do whatever I feel helps you.
Irrespective of stories. Irrespective of rules.

Because I want you to have what you want, I’ll hold you accountable to what you want.
Would you like to be held accountable to that too?

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Photo by Lo Ken on Unsplash