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What Would Love Do?

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It (almost) always amuses me when a friend reflects aspects of my own work back at me.

There I am, all caught up in a story of betrayal, occasionally stepping out of it to watch it unfold, and this is said:
‘Oh, you are still angry, aren’t you? What would love do?’

Haha! Maybe my all time, favourite question, ever!

Most times, (but of course not always,) the simple act of asking this question helps any anger dissolve, reminds us that whatever the situation, there is love and understanding available, and often provides a small glint of light on a pathway to wisdom, to being guided by kindness and compassion, to others and to ourselves.

Actions taken from anger or hurt, fearful actions (anger is always fear based,) rarely, if ever improve matters.

Personally, this question almost always reminds me that there’s nothing to even forgive, that everyone only ever behaves in one of two ways - a call for love or an expression of love - and that anger is only my ego telling me something should be different to how it is. Most often it's telling me someone should have behaved differently to how they behaved (fuckers! 😂😎)

Connecting with love and compassion reminds me we’re all only ever acting out of what we believe in the moment, the very transient moment, and that many of us frequently feel disconnected from love and lost in a fearful view of the world. Far as I can tell, it's called being human.

And it still feels important to me to honour the values that feel true for me, or simply that I hold dear irrespective of any truth, such as honesty, integrity and kindness, and I get to choose, also in each moment, the extent to which my compassion for others allows them to play out in my life.

When I am caught up in my own fears and anger, it becomes very difficult to connect with the self-love that is at the heart of our ability to show kindness and compassion to others.

So maybe love is simply at the heart of our human experience. The dance between being energised by love, or under an illusion of separation from love.

‘What would love do?’ helps me remember that too. 🙏