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You Are a Banana

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🍌 You Are a Banana. Don’t You Feel Better Now? 🍌

It’s a subtle yet prolific hypnosis. When you see this you’ll feel that.
When you understand how life works, you’ll feel more peace.
When you see we are all one, you’ll no longer be desperate to defend or secure.
When you love yourself, you’ll experience a more loving life. (Took me a while to see past this one!)
When you look in this direction, be it within or towards some other idea, you’ll FEEL something, basically more nice stuff…

👀 Here’s how it looks to me: 👀

I don’t need to do, see, understand or look in any direction to feel anything. I can associate a feeling of profound peace without ‘looking within,’ also know as ‘thinking particular thoughts,’ or the illusion of ‘no thoughts.’

Sure, those of us working in this field will have observed people’s experiences as they explore different understandings, concepts and ideas. We might even observe some trends. Yet even some of the ‘spiritual teachers’ of these hypnotic understandings will tell you that unless it’s true all the time, it’s not true at all. Or maybe that it might not be true, but they’ll teach until it’s proven false.

I talk with people who have explored various understandings of this nature, yet haven’t fallen under the hypnotic spell, and they often ask a version of ‘I get it, but I’m not feeling it. What the fuck is wrong with me?’ In a cult-like manner, if you don’t have the predicted outcome in your life from understanding these ideas, concepts or principles, it might be suggested that you simply don’t get it, such is the strength of conviction of predicting others experience and behaviours in some communities. Much to my amusement I’ve had it suggested to me ‘Don’t worry, you’ll get there,’ something that genuinely had me laugh out loud. Get where exactly? Oh, under the spell of an alternative concept…

Perhaps when we ‘get it’ that peace is free, there is nowhere to ‘get to.’ And of course it’s still fun to explore and go on ‘road trips and rides’…

Hey, we’re all just doing what makes sense to us, and of course when we come across a concept or idea that doesn’t look like a concept or idea, an ‘understanding’ that seems to, in and of itself, bring a more peaceful and loving life, who wouldn’t want more of that?

Who doesn’t want to play better, have more joy, feel more love? And if I can present some ‘thing’ to you that looks like it will help you have that, I’ll look like I’m onto something. Even if that ‘thing’ is an understanding. An understand-thing.

Compelling indeed.

Yet, have you noticed how the energy of ‘Aha, now I understand’ is ohhhh so similar to ‘Aha, there’s nothing to understand’? Give it a go. Play with that and see how it feels.

Here’s the contradiction in my post. When you understand you don’t need to understand, it looks to me like you may also feel peace. But only sometimes. And really, what I’m saying is, peace is available to you freely, irrespective of any concept, idea or understanding. Without any thing, any understand-thing.

So if you’ve been exploring some new ideas, concepts or principles, and you’re not having any of the predicted experiences of some teachers and coaches, that also makes complete sense, given the nature of how our experience of life seems to work. Given how feelings of peace, love and freedom arise - freely, without attachment to any-thing.

So that banana ‘thing.’ Did you know that, in a certain context, you are made of exactly the same stuff as a banana? There is scientific evidence to prove this fact, and apparently knowing you are the same as everyone and everything in this universe can bring you peace.

So now you can consider this and be hypnotised by the idea of a banana…

Free peace and love to you, whatever you feel, teach, say, do, comment, like or understand. 🙏💙🍦