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You Are an Emotional Bakery

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I’ll put my hat into the ring and say I don’t believe we carry any emotions, or need to release them like some pent-up animal that needs to be set free into the wild.

Any time I see someone suggesting we need to be doing any work with our emotions, be it release them or heal them, I’m seeing someone who is suggesting you play around with the bubbles once they are out of the bubble machine, rather than developing an understanding of the bubble machine itself.

Emotions don’t exist until we create them. Anger doesn’t exist until we create it. We don’t have anger ‘in us,’ we are simply capable of creating the experience of anger. It’s not part of us, it’s not part of who we are, it’s not created from our past or the future.

If I was carrying a cake mix that consisted of flour, eggs, sugar and butter, I’m not carrying a cake until I make a cake. And we’re not even carrying the ingredients, we just have the capability to create the cake when we come across the ingredients.

Any time I think the source of my anger is a reason, I am looking at an illusion. The source of anger is the same as that which creates the reason, the principle of thought.

The only ingredient for anger is a thought, and much like the cake mix, you can have the ingredient of thought without baking it into an angry cake.

To bake the cake of anger I need to take action with the ingredient of thought. The thought might be something like ‘He/She/I should not have done that’ but we need to believe that thought to be true to feel anger.

It would be a whole lot of unnecessary work if I thought I had to release cakes into the wild. I’d have to go through all the palaver (nearly wrote pavlova there…) of mixing and baking the ingredients, believing and entertaining the thoughts, before I produce a cake to send on it’s merry way.

Much easier to recognise that even though I might have a sneaky chocolate fudge cake mix stuffed in my back pocket, I don’t have to ever bake it. Maybe it’ll go out of date, or we’ll make chocolate pancakes instead.

Like any analogy, it probably doesn’t take much for this one to be broken down, yet the principle here is that you do not carry any emotions, only the capability to create them. And even though you may have habitually created them when a thought arrives, like any habit it can be broken. When you see that you’re not carrying the emotion, only occasionally the ingredient, and you see that the ingredient itself never hangs around for long and is ever changing, you can choose to simply ignore that the ingredient of thought comes and goes, like pumpkin pie or chestnut stuffing in the supermarket.

Now all those chocolate brownies trapped in aisle three, yeah, they probably should be released…