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You Won't Learn How to Dance from Someone's Facebook Status

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I find it so fascinating that what some of us see and feel as truth can be portrayed as myth by others, such is the nature of life. How I see it is how I see it, and may not be how you see it. I’m open to any belief I hold today becoming myth tomorrow.

And of course, the reverse is also true.

Some believe, to help people, it's more important to point to something that might not really be true and claim it as truth, if it ultimately helps bring out the best in people, rather than point to what actually is true. (At least as far as anything is true at all.)

Yet if we’re in the business of helping people, the trend of describing aspects of the nature of the human experience in ways that are only true under extreme, linguistic technical pseudo-spiritual examination does not help deepen anyone’s understanding. Whilst it might create a fan-base of people wanting to understand such soundbites hailed as truth, it also encourages people into an intellectual exploration of an understanding that is, by it’s very nature, experiential. An understanding that is also, at its core, very, very simple.

I’m not interested in any spiritual-sparing on my wall, nor am I interested in making statements that are plainly not true under human and heartfelt reflection. If you see me doing that please call me out, because my intention is always to help people understand and lovingly accept what it is to be human, in a human way. With love and simplicity. In that respect simplicity and truth are our keys to that understanding, not parodic statements that dehumanise and encourage exploration into some supposed enlightened detached experience of life.

Being human means being human. With preferences.
I’m all in for the experience of life, the content of my thinking, dancing with my surroundings and influencing others, noticing when my state of mind is not helping me do what I want to do, noticing when my body responds to some of my thoughts and mood in ways that may shorten my life, remembering that I have freewill and can choose and make choices, and that both my own and your stories can enrich our lives, as they have done for millennia.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to start employing strategies to manage my thinking, my state of mind, or be manipulative in my influencing. I am simply willing to dance with being alive and understand what that means, knowing that my best dancing happens naturally when I am not up in my head, trying to figure out some parroted intellectual description of what it is like to dance.

That might be all any of us really need to know.