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Musings on Love: And The Art of Being Human brings together a beautiful collection of wisdom, an exploration of the creative energy of love, and the ideas we have about ourselves that keep us from living our most loving life. By sharing and discussing many of his own personal experiences, Phil Goddard demonstrates a deeper understanding of humanity and the art of being human that points us to the wisdom and intelligence of love. Are you willing to listen?

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More Musings on Love: And The Art of Being Human
Following much acclaim and appreciation for Musings on Love, ‘More’ brings exactly that - a further exploration around love, life, humanity and in particular coaching. A very personal, touching and profound collection of wisdom.

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The Leadership Illusion: Revealing the Principles Behind Harmonious High Performance.

* Available Early 2018 *

Exploring the most potent force in leadership, dispelling many of the myths and beliefs that hold leaders back, and providing insight into the principles behind the human experience that make compelling leadership inevitable.

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