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The Colours of My Heart - Incomplete Expressions of Infinity
A beautiful collection of poems, musings and love that invite the reader to reflect, to feel, and to experience the colours of their own heart.

The be consumed and lavished slowly, savouring each profound gem of wisdom and intimate moment often described and expressed in just a few words.

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Just how much time and energy have you spent on seeking to understand aspects of love, spirituality, relationships and life?

Almost all coaches and spiritual teachers help you to see ‘something’, generally a new concept or idea labelled as truth. A new paradigm, a bit like offering you alternative coloured sunglasses - “Here, try these, they are clear.”

What if we understood we are always wearing sunglasses, even when we believe we are not?

This is a book about freedom from our compulsion to search, to understand and to know. In a profound collection of reflections about life, spirituality and love, Phil points us to the liberation of seeing the nature of beliefs, ideas and concepts, and the peace and joy that is available to us, always, irrespective of our searching and quest to understand and know.

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Musings on Love: And The Art of Being Human brings together a beautiful collection of wisdom, an exploration of the creative energy of love, and the ideas we have about ourselves that keep us from living our most loving life. By sharing and discussing many of his own personal experiences, Phil Goddard demonstrates a deeper understanding of humanity and the art of being human that points us to the wisdom and intelligence of love. Are you willing to listen?

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More Musings on Love: And The Art of Being Human
Following much acclaim and appreciation for Musings on Love, ‘More’ brings exactly that - a further exploration around love, life, humanity and in particular coaching. A very personal, touching and profound collection of wisdom.

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