An invitation to join me in Greece - 1:1 Coaching Immersion Retreats

Whenever I fly into the island of Zakynthos, my heart races a little. As I witness the greenery of its olive groves, vineyards, its beautiful, sandy beaches surrounded by the deep blue of the Ionian sea, it always feels like I am arriving at my spiritual home. It is always a homecoming for me.

Time on this magical island has invoked many insights, for me and my clients. The slower pace of life, where ‘to hurry’ is incomprehensible, has allowed space for thinking to slow down, for us to simply be in the energy of the Greek sun, and for miracles to come into view.

I have made well over 20 visits to Zakynthos, often twice a year when I am in Europe, and have lived there during the quieter months of autumn the last couple of years. It has become a second home and one of my favourite places to work with clients one-on-one over a period of four days on this stunning island.

I offer coaching retreats here in May, September & October.

In May Zakynthos is stunning, its flora fully sprung into life and not yet scorched by the summer sun, with few tourists in the early season.
September & October are perhaps the most magical of months on the island; the crowds have left as children return to school, the climate is perfect, cooler than the scorching summer months, and the sea is still warm.

This is an opportunity to press the pause button on life, be immersed in beautiful surroundings, and experience four days of intimate and magical exploration in a series of powerful, life-changing coaching conversations. This will be a space for miracles to be born.

I was fortunate enough to attend Phil's Coaching Retreat on the beautiful Greek Island of Zakynthos, and had the most incredible experience. His coaching style was calm, nurturing and fun and I found myself in such a relaxed and open state that I was able to step aside from my ego, and remember that everything is possible.
Emma Wilkinson, Transformative Coach, Speaker & Artist, UK

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On day one we’ll meet in the morning at a bench that overlooks the bay of Tsilivi. Here we’ll talk intimately, get to know each other and begin our exploration of what you want to create. We’ll continue after lunch at a beachside restaurant. We’ll walk, talk, explore the nature of the human experience, and make occasional stops for refreshments and reflection. We will continue on Day two.

Day three will be your time, alone, although I will be contactable and available for support. This day will be for you to be with your insights from the previous days, to feel into them and have them become part of you, and to simply be with all we have uncovered for you.

On day Four we will reconvene, continuing our deep exploration, talk of whatever has come, lay out plans for what feels next for you.

There is no pre-set agenda here other than for me to support you in a deep exploration of whatever you wish to bring and create. My gift is that I will see you beyond your own vision of yourself. This will be a meeting of souls in a serene setting, where you will feel the love and power of my presence and coaching, where you will have a safe space to relax into your free-flowing and most creative being, where you will be your natural happy self. We’ll be guided by intuition, love, curiosity, and connection to a greater wisdom that will surely reveal itself in the peace of the Greek sunset.

Wow! Spending time away from all the "stuff" of life, in itself is good, but having the opportunity for longer, deeper conversations with Phil was amazing. For me, being able to walk and talk, or indeed walk in silence, in the space given by Phil, takes coaching to another level. Yes, it offers the opening for a deep dive, which can all get a little serious, however the time, space, and beauty of the location allows for plenty of humour and joy along the way. If it wasn't for living on the other side of the planet I would certainly engage in the Zante experience with Phil on a frequent basis.
Brenton Hughes, Australia

Is this for you?

This intimate coaching immersion retreat includes coaching support calls before and after we meet on Zakynthos, over a period of approximately 3 months. Your investment is £7500

This immersion can also be included as part of a customised 12 or 6 month coaching package.

It will take place over a mutually agreed four-day period in either May, September or October.

You will be responsible for your own travel and accommodation, and I am happy to offer my opinion and share experiences of the many places I have stayed on the island.

Greece, and in particular Zakynthos, offers a beautiful environment to create something amazing from powerful conversations. Greece’s magic always draws me. I love the scenery, the food, the energy, and of course the people, some of whom have become friends.

If your heart is telling you this is for you, contact me at ObscureMyEmail so that we may arrange a conversation to explore and ensure this is indeed a wonderful fit for you and what you want to create.

Love always,

Tsilivi Beach
Lunch at a Taverna
View from Zante Star Hotel
Tsilivi Beach
Evening on Tsilivi Beach
Coaching Studio
Tsilivi Beach
Lunchtime Coaching Studio
Tsilivi Beach
View of Kefalonia
Coaching Studio
Tsilivi Beach
Coaching Studio
Walking in the village
Walking in the village
Kefalonia on the Horizon
A quiet start to the evening
By the beach
Beach walks
Walks in the village
To the beach...
Tsilivi from the air
The Blue Ionian
Tsilivi Sunset
Tsilivi Evening
Tsilivi Bay