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Turning your Podcast Idea into a Professional Product of Service

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There is no greater way of creating change in the world than taking action.
Phil Goddard

Do you have an idea and desire to create a Podcast but are not sure where to start?

If you have an idea and desire to create a podcast and would like to bring that idea into reality, I have a new offering for you.

I started podcasting over three years ago, and since then have also helped a number of people get their own podcast going. It’s a fun way of being of service and also helps people experience you without you being there. My own podcast, currently downloaded almost 40,000 times, has been the catalyst for so many fruitful connections and has brought a number of clients and wonderful experiences my way.

Most people wing-it when they first start podcasting, and that’s ok.

But if you want to hit the ground running, learn some important shortcuts to creating a professional product for your listeners, and fast-track your own podcast hosting style with ease and joy, this package is for you.

As well as coaching you to help you have fun becoming your most effective podcast host, I will walk you though all the technical details for you to record, edit, produce and publish your podcast on all the popular podcasting platforms.

You will need to be I.T. literate and know your way around a computer, but I will cover all aspects of the software and tools required to produce your podcast. And you will also need to be open to coaching to ensure you get the best out of our time together to help you have the most fun with your podcast creation.

We’ll cover all the technical details over 2 calls, with support in-between, followed by two coaching sessions at times we’ll agree based on your launch schedule.

For your investment of £1600 we’ll turn your idea and desire into a professional reality so that you and your listeners can start to benefit and enjoy your podcast right away.

Did I mention it will be fun?

Message me if you’re in - ObscureEmailLib