Helping you create easy, prosperous and loving personal & professional relationships.

Every aspect of life is impacted by our understanding of how our experience of life is created. Every aspect of leadership and relationships are impacted by our experience of life. Through the exploration of a deeper understanding of the nature of our human experience, our leadership and relationships are liberated into a realm of unencumbered potential for success.

Phil works with individuals and teams to help them get more of what they want, and more of what works, by helping them understand how that comes about, how it is created, and how we are all naturally equipped for happiness and success.


A coaching and creative partnership bringing clarity, simplicity and focus, enabling you to connect deeply with yourself, your capacity to create, be in joy and in love with life.

Typical results include deeper connections with others, increased intimacy and trust in relationships, and an overall more relaxed and loving experience of life, having less on your mind, leading to increased creativity and productivity.

Your Organisation

Combining leadership consulting with coaching, working with leaders individually and in groups, exploring a deeper understanding of the nature of harmonious teams, how to create them, and lead them.

Typical results include measurable increases in efficiency, creativity and profitability, higher quality decisions, and reductions in workplace stress and absence.

Phil Goddard helps business owners and leaders throw out their conditioned rule books on life, liberating them to enjoy intimate and fruitful personal and professional relationships, and creating a world of love & compassion, fun & easy-success.

His clients typically end their tireless quest for self-improvement, and instead find themselves feeling free, simply enjoying life in harmony with nature and their own wellbeing.

He is a coach, speaker, leadership consultant, and lover of life and humanity, and has coached Hollywood actors, international models, journalists, artists, authors, film directors, corporate executives, and numerous business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. A prolific writer, ghostwriter and published author, he is also the host of both The Coaching Life and Naked Hearts Podcasts.

Phil’s work centres around transforming relationships and leadership through developing a deeply grounded understanding of the principles behind our human experience and the nature of how our experience of life is created.

With much humour and sincerity, he draws on over 30 years coaching experience and over 20 years in corporate leadership, to help organisations build harmonious and highly productive teams, and help individuals maximise their wellbeing to live their most loving and joyous lives.

He is a digital nomad, recently returned from living in Bali for 1½ years, and can often be found on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, where he holds exclusive coaching immersion retreats for individual clients.

He challenges his work on happiness by following a few English sports teams.

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