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One conversation I had with Carolyn Freyer-Jones at Steve Chandler’s ACS Coaching Prosperity School a few years ago was worth the entire fee for the school, demonstrating how conversations do change lives. And Carolyn has been doing that for over 15 years. Maybe there is something in this conversation that will help change yours, as she talks about owning all her experiences, including all the bumpy or messy ones, and demonstrates to us her loving dedication to being of service, irrespective of any fear.

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Here’s a little more about Carolyn.
Carolyn Freyer-Jones, M.A. has been coaching women and men for over 15 years, assisting them in their growth as leaders. Her clients include corporate executives, business owners, authors, lawyers, television hosts, salespeople, and more.
Carolyn has supported clients in launching new businesses, strengthening relationships, transforming careers, and experiencing greater success, fulfillment, peace and joy. She loves supporting service professionals in growing in their ability to be powerful and effective enrollers—many of whom have experienced results of growing their income two and three times.
Carolyn is a long time champion of women. She developed and co‚Äźfacilitated a series of dynamic women’s coaching groups with her business partner and beloved friend, Michelle Bauman, who passed away in December of 2015. Carolyn continues to carry on their work and often shares about their friendship, their partnership, and their shared vision as an inspiration to others.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and 9 year old daughter, where she also serves as lead faculty of the University of Santa Monica’s Soul-Centered Professional Coaching Program which she co-developed with Steve Chandler, Michelle Bauman, and Dr's Ron and Mary Hulnick. 
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