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014 Lian Brook-Tyler

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When I met Lian at a coaching intensive a few years ago, like many there she was exploring building a one-on-one coaching practice. I wanted to interview her for The Coaching Life because what she is up to now looks quite different from most people’s coaching practices, and by following her heart she seems to be having a whole lot of fun whilst being of wonderful service to others, despite a few subtle changes in direction.

Lian reveals here how she allows her creativity to flow freely and is still able to follow a plan, the secret to why she’s doing what she’s doing, and the business benefits of the wonderful podcast - The Primal Happiness Show.

Oh, and you’ll hear her dog make a guest appearance :)

Here’s a little more about Lian:

Lian is a co-founder of the education platform Primal Happiness and the host of the weekly top 10 ranked iTunes happiness podcast The Primal Happiness Show.

Lian was lucky to have had an amazingly happy upbringing, bursting with love and adventure. And she was attacked which resulted in chronic facial pain, massive panic attacks and anxiety.

That started a 15 year search for relief from her emotional and physical pain... she tried traditional medicine and then most types of self-help and woo that you can think of. Nothing helped.

Until she discovered the true nature of happiness and then in an instant, her anxiety, fears, limitations, and even the chronic pain dropped away!

Her life is now ridiculously happy and her mission is to share the fundamentals behind reclaiming happiness and thriving in all areas of life… with the world!

Lian lives in cottage in England, with her husband, their two young children, and a triple helping of ginger goodness: their cat Beatle and their two Hungarian Vizsla dogs Laszlo and Mabel.

Her passions are baking, writing, hosting parties, making and drinking cocktails, and watching wonderful people wake up to a life without limits.

Primal Happiness:
The Primal Happiness Show:
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