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030 Rachel Henke

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Little did I know that today’s guest had been living just 10 miles from me for 15 years, and also coaching for that long! - and it took a mutual friend some 4000 miles away to introduce us. Funny how life works that way sometimes… In this episode Rachel shares her story of building a business around looking after her children, only to reinvent it all some years later.

Here’s a little more about Rachel:
Rachel Henke is the founder of Living Fearlessly, transformation coach and bestselling author of numerous books.

Breaking free of the job world upon relocating to a sleepy village in the UK, Rachel started her first business working from the breakfast bar around her two young daughters.

After 30 years of self-improvement, she has finally found the answers she was seeking.

Combined with her extensive business experience and transformative coaching expertise, Rachel helps her clients move through fear so they can follow their dreams with confidence and ease.
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