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071 Regina Kleinhenz

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Experimenting with Fun

Just how much fun can you have building a coaching practice? Is following your joy really a fruitful strategy? Should we listen when we think we won’t enjoy doing something? Do you need to figure out who your ideal client actually is?

In this delightful episode my previous client Regina reveals her answers to these questions, shares some of her insights and the impact of our time together on her journey in building a Coaching Life.

Here’s a little more about Regina
Regina Kleinhenz is a heart-centered coach, speaker, Yoga teacher, former Systemic therapist and teacher. Before she came across the 3 principles in 2017, she thought being a comedienne would be a dream come true, only to find out that that desire had been a coping mechanism owed to a misunderstanding of who she thought she was or needed to be.

She likes connecting and working with other people in a humorous way and what she’s most passionate about is seeing the sparkle in people’s eyes (re-)appear, when they get in touch with who they really are.

Regina works with individuals but also speaks in organizations, pointing people towards the source of clarity, wellbeing and ease. She particularly enjoys working with entrepreneurs and leaders.

The focus of her work lies in

- 1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs and leaders
- keynotes and workshops pointing towards the inside-out understanding and mental health for companies and institutions
- transformational retreats and intensives for individuals and groups

She recently became a member of Business Network International (BNI) and is very much looking forward to becoming a certified Clarity Coach through Jamie Smart’s Clarity Academy in 2020.

Regina loves Yoga, comedy and improv theater. She now lives in Stuttgart, spending her leisure time with her partner Matthias and his children Jana and Alina.

You can find out more about Regina at
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