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082 David Taylor

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Under the Spotlight

This is an exploration of how presence and undefended openness can create the uttermost atmosphere for personal transformation.

David’s passion for this path reflects in his work as a coach and how he turned deep listening into a powerful way to capture people’s most intimate sharing moments.

Phil and David explore:

*David's turning point in becoming a coach
*A insatiable need to be successful and approved
*Shifting from high-fee paying clients to beautifully serving somebody
*David’s transformational work with film & storytelling
*Growing an organic coaching practice & what NOT to do
*How chasing money can distract us from the heart of this profession
*The process of capturing glimpses of deep presence in personal stories
*Societal division & how social media plays a role in it
*The importance of having an undefended openness to seeing something new

Here’s a little more about David:

David is passionate about many things. Indeed a defining characteristic of David is his passion for the things that he chooses to give his attention to. A father, a husband, a film-maker, a coach and a business owner.

For many years David followed a corporate career, although was always more interested in the process of change, rather than the underlying businesses he worked in.

David was first introduced to the foundations of personal transformation in 1996, and in 2005 this culminated in leaving the traditional corporate world and setting up a coaching and consulting business in 2005.

Over the years David’s work and his coaching have evolved to where he is today. The coaching has become simpler, deeper, slower. More often than not simply offering the space to be deeply heard.

From this style of coaching a new dimension of film making has emerged, perhaps the most powerful work that David has and continues to do. A process of listening in silence, present to whatever words emerge and capturing them in beautiful short films. Sometimes personal. Sometimes shared.

You can find out more about David’s work at and
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