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083 Simon Crowe

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Adventures in Goosebumps

Simon takes us on a voyage of his rich experiences in coaching beyond the conventional room, out into a world of adventures, challenges and infinite possibilities.

Phil and Simon explore:

* Creating extraordinary adventures beyond 1:1 meetings
* A powerful premise in enrolling clients & guiding them through their hero’s journey
* Stepping over thresholds onto paths to what we want to create
* What it means to cut the bull-crap in a conversation
* Simon’s biggest lessons from 15 years of client creation
* Why trying to repeat past success or copying others might not work & what to do instead
* Creating what we want & the habit of Being-Doing-Having
* Why is it important to cultivate an intimate relationship with your business

Here’s a little more about Simon:
Simon is an artist, an adventurer and educator in the field of personal and spiritual growth, who specializes in connecting men with their deepest purpose.

He works with creative self-starters who have mastered conventional success and who are now hungry to reappraise their life, to move beyond the frustrations and uncertainty of midlife and to transition into lives that match their deepest values and priorities.

As a qualified coach for nearly 15 years, he guides courageous male leaders to the achievement of greater self-expression, fulfilment and the experience of deeper meaning in their lives. His work embraces the latest breakthroughs in brain science, positive psychology and energy, and so his clients’ shifts in consciousness become deep-rooted and their results go far beyond what they can currently imagine is possible.

Above all, Simon loves to take these courageous men on transformational adventures with that bring clarity around their true life-purpose and lead to the realization of extraordinary projects for the benefit of the planet and the people they love, on their on terms and without compromise.

You can find out more about Simon at
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