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089 Tim Downes

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Getting Down to Business

Tim is a bit of a unicorn in the coaching community, in that he can certainly be considered a very successful coach, but rather than create lots of noise on social media he has been quietly simply getting with it for over two decades.

With a focus very much on the business of coaching and a level of commitment, interest and passion that is unsurpassable, Tim shares his story of his coaching life, revealing many gems that will be of use for coaches at all levels.

In this conversation we discussed:

* Tim’s evolution from corporate employee to freelance coach and business owner.
* How each of his redundancies became a blessing.
* The series of happy accidents and synchronicities that continue to unfold.
* How a pint of real ale became a turning point and led to a name for his business.
* The difference between commitment and intention.
* The system of selling coaching without selling
* Determining the right fees for coaching
* His biggest current challenge after coaching for more than twenty years.

Here’s a little more about Tim:

Tim’s transformational True Results Programme helps business clients improve leadership, communication and relationships. Happiness, confidence and effectiveness are heightened and most challenging problems solved.

Since the events shared in the podcast Tim studied Executive Coaching at Leeds Beckett University. His learning journey continued with a deep dive into Aware Presence via Effective Mindfulness with Geraldine Breakwell and an immersion into the Three Principles. This led to Getting REAL with Clare Dimond and a fascination with understanding our true nature through the words of Rupert Spira. Tim explores with open curiosity and shares what makes sense to share, thereby nurturing a love of learning.

Tim thanks all of his family for their support, especially his beautiful wife Lisa, his mentor cousin, Graham Creswick, and his ever faithful adviser, designer and nephew, Martin Oates.

The simplest way to contact Tim is to email him at
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