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091 Todd Randall

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Lessons from an Entrepreneur

In this candid conversation, Todd brings his extensive experience and expertise as an entrepreneur in ‘ordinary’ businesses into an open discussion about the coaching profession. Wanting to be an entrepreneur from a young ages, he reflects on some of his lessons from those early years, and masterfully articulates what is required in a coaching business.

Phil & Todd discuss:
* What’s missing in the coaching industry.
* What distinguishes coaches who will succeed in creating a prosperous coaching life from those that probably won’t.
* Why some folks leave the coaching industry after a short while.
* The benefits of working with people smarter than you.
* The dangers of social media & comparison.
* Starting out as a pro coach, & why it can be so difficult to succeed in building a sustainable coaching practice.
* An insight in Paris that has helped Todd live a happy life.
* Making his life more about horses than the office.
* What’s the one thing that contributes the most to his financial liberty and financial success.

Here’s a little more about Todd
Not every entrepreneur has a world-changing innovation to bring to market or can spin off a division from a larger company to get their start. Todd Randall was a mid-level manager at a large company when he reset his work values to match his personal ones and still found a way to be a successful multi-preneur with the liberty lifestyle he craved.
Currently, Todd is a multiple-entity business owner including retail, wholesale and real estate businesses. His pride and joy is a consulting/coaching business to help aspiring entrepreneurs in hopes that they can avoid the mistakes he made in creating the liberty and/or success they dream of.

You can find out more about Todd at
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