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098 Philippe Bartu

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Building from Disappointment

As promised in episode 051 just 67 weeks ago, Philippe is back on the podcast :D

In a very real, raw and honest conversation, we share & discuss:

* Reflecting on ‘Honoured the Path of the Heart’? - the title of our previous episode.
* Philippe’s initial resistance to getting married a second time.
* Diving deep into our desires that are beyond the intellect.
* Philippe’s first meetings with Cristina and the fear that led to their first kiss.
* Changing our use of Social Media.
* Some very personal details of Philippe & Cristina’s torrid time in and after Bali.
* What does it mean to ‘go all in’?
* How do we recover and build from disappointment
* The liberation of self-discovery and honesty.
* The gift in being fired, even from a Podcast!
* Becoming aware of self-doubt in disappointment
* The importance of alignment over action.
* Our greatest heartaches, and greatest joys.

Here’s a little more about Philippe:

Philippe Bartu is a seasoned coach, trusted advisor and Leadership Development Consultant at The Collaborative Way. Since 2012, Philippe has run his own coaching practice, focusing on leadership development and creating healthy relationships within teams, families, and communities. In that time he has provided guidance to a diverse range of leaders and individuals of more than 20 nationalities, including entrepreneurs, CEOs, Olympic athletes, NGO founders, best-selling authors, and startup founders.He brings extensive expertise from the hospitality industry, including management roles at Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons Hotels along with owning and managing one of Lisbon’s fine-dining restaurants. As a graduate of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), his background in service excellence also led him to become a people-pleaser and burnout survivor. Philippe, a Swiss national, has lived and worked in over 10 countries. Fluent in five European languages, he lives with his wife and infant son in Antigua, Guatemala.

You can find out more about Philippe at
Email Philippe – philippe -at-
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