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Happy Birthday Love

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Your body, heart, soul and mind, your being as it is today, has infinite capacity and capability to love. You might be entertaining many stories of past trauma and pain, and similar stories of limitations for your future. Yet no story changes your infinite capacity to love and feel love. It is always there, in you, it is you, whether you see it or not.

The sun is ever-present, irrespective of cloud or the rotation of the Earth.

Hence there is nothing that need be done about your past or future for you to reconnect your awareness with your true essence of love, only for to recognise you are not your stories.

As each new moment arises you can be present to love, present to each new moment, or you can indulge in your stories of past and future. Whichever you choose will be what manifests as reality for you.

There is nothing to fix, nothing to do, nothing to work on, nothing to heal, nothing to release, no thing. Your past only exists as a story, your future a dream or nightmare. Your body does not represent your past or future, it is only an expression of the stories you have repeatedly told yourself about them in each passing moment.

What is beyond all your stories, all your imagination, is available to you in every single moment of your life, including this one right now.

And this one. And this one. And this one…

Your awareness of love may re-begin any day, in any moment, irrespective of any story.

Happy Birthday, love.

(Photo of sunrise over Kefalonia. The arrival of a beautiful new day.)