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Transformed Relationships. Transformed Lives.

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“My sister called me just to see how I am. She hasn’t done that in years!”
“On a call today, my Mum used a term of endearment with me she hasn’t used since I was a kid. We’re definitely closer now.”
“(After falling out a few years ago and not returning any calls or texts since), my friend just contacted me out of the blue. It is a miracle.”
“My parents have gone from avoiding visiting me completely to popping round all the time.”
“We’ve explored some new things in bed for the first time, definitely because of our increased trust and intimacy.”
“We simply don’t argue anymore. Sure, we disagree, but there are no longer arguments about our differences, if anything, we see the humour in them.”
“This working relationship is now exactly that - a working relationship!”
I’ve heard a version of all of these a number of times over the last couple of years. They are all examples of the type of feedback I’ve been getting from clients about their relationships and how their lives have changed during and after our time together.
Whilst there is often a focus on relationships in our conversations, it is certainly not always the case. We explore all things in life and business, and of course as part of any exploration the role of relationships is unavoidable.
It’s not just relationships that change; clients get promotions, bonuses and raises, unexpected job offers, experience business growth and opportunities, and a whole bunch of other miracles. Yet, perhaps all these things come about because of how their relationships change. So much suddenly seems to become possible, particularly when our relationship with our own thinking changes.

When our relationship with our thinking is transformed, our relationship with life and everything and everyone in it, is also transformed.

As I reflect on the experiences of my clients over the last few years, it is the impact on their personal and business relationships that touch me the most. Sure, big bonuses, promotions and business growth are great, we celebrate those and it is those that often help us to continue to work together. But it is the often-smaller changes that all add up to transforming their experiences of the people around them, and hence their experience of life, that truly make our time together beautiful, miraculous, amazing. Priceless.
This weekend, when visiting my Dad, he once again sat on the same sofa as me, something he never used to do. I’m sure he doesn’t even notice, yet I feel it, his manifestation of feeling closer to me as a result of our understanding each other and deeper connection.
If my relationship with my Dad can be transformed in this way, if the seemingly broken relationships some of my clients have had can be transformed, I have no doubts at all that the same is possible for anyone. For anyone willing to explore, for anyone open to new understanding. For anyone willing to love.
If you have a personal or business relationship you’d like to be different, more productive, intimate, trusting, loving, message me and we’ll explore what IS possible.