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019 Susan Andrewes

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Susan is a very experienced executive and performance coach, and I’d seen her around the coaching community and was fascinated by the absence of the typical ‘marketing’ posts on social media we often see. How was she running a coaching practice, I wondered? Well, the answer is natural connection, rather than intellectual selling, which is just one of the distinctions that come up in this wonderful conversation.

Here’s a little more about Susan:

Susan Andrewes is the founder and director of Susan Andrewes Consulting Ltd, a New Zealand-based consultancy dedicated to creating a better world through a clearer understanding of the mind.

An experienced executive and performance coach, in 2011 Susan was introduced to a profound new understanding of the principles behind the human experience and was incredibly impacted by the transformations in her clients’ lives and work. Susan has since trained with many of the pioneers in this field and is one of the Asia-Pacific region’s foremost specialists in this work. She now partners with leaders and change-makers interested in re-defining what is possible for themselves, for their communities, for their organisations and for the world.

Susan is also a professionally-trained conference interpreter (simultaneous and consecutive) and translator. She has ten years’ experience in interpreting at high-level international meetings in Brussels and throughout Europe. She speaks French, German, Spanish and Hungarian and spent 17 years living in France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and the UK before returning to New Zealand in 2015 with her endlessly patient and supportive husband and their two small boys.
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