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020 Pete Bryceland

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How does someone turn fixing computers into a successful coaching practice? And how can being part of a particular community almost kill that coaching practice? Pete, who’s been coaching for around 12 years, tells all in this episode. With so much experience in both the private and public sector in the UK, he also shares some incredibly useful wisdom around the business aspect of coaching.

Here’s a little more about Pete

Pete Bryceland runs a 3 Principles coaching and consultancy business.
He has worked for the last 10 years successfully providing therapeutic services to clients suffering from symptoms of Stress, Anxiety and Depression, who want a permanent, sustainable approach to overcoming these problems.
In addition, Pete coaches Business Owners, Executives and Managers, at all levels within organisations, who are feeling lonely, harassed, and burdened. They may be feeling overwhelmed and under constant pressure to perform. Caught in a psychological quicksand, the more they try the worse it gets.

Pete's approach allows you to see through the illusion of your circumstances and allows you to operate at a greater degree of clarity.
More recently, Pete has been helping new or struggling coaches to build a more sustainable business. He firmly believes that this understanding is vital to the world and needs skilled and professional coaches to bring about a societal change in understanding. This will happen much more quickly if those coaches are skilled business owners and spend less time stressing about money and business issues and more time doing what they love: Transformational coaching.

You can find out more about Pete at
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