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032 Mark J Silverman

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This episode is worth listening to just to hear Mark’s beautiful answer to my final question, and his humility and wisdom offers gems for all coaches throughout. You’ll not hear a more open and honest interview with any coach.

The extended BIO we talk about in this episode can be found here:

Here’s a little more about Mark:
I believe that every human being has the ability to be successful, happy and fulfilled. That becoming more of who you are (instead of what you think you need to be) will get you further in business, in your relationship and in life. It may or may not involve a change in career, but it definitely requires and deserves exploration.

Over a 17-year career at fast-moving, fast-growing companies like NetApp, VMware and EMC, I generated over $90 million in sales and received numerous awards. I’ve led executive teams, management and front-line stakeholders to complete many successful projects and to close multi-million dollar deals. My career in the high tech Industry as a Sales Executive brought challenges, adventures and an incredible lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to travel the world, eat in amazing restaurants, live in a big house and drive the coolest cars.

Raising two incredible boys as an involved father, a deepening spiritual center and dealing with devastating health challenges, I started to see things differently. I noticed that life in the 1% had a cost. For most, though we looked good on Facebook, and were distracted by toys and vacations, and would never admit it, that cost crept up on us until it was too late.

This observation brought me to the realization that the drives and motivations of our early career are often unsustainable over time. Our skill sets, strategies and even our energy sources need to mature if we’re going to continue to move up and still thrive. Our relationships, our health and the satisfaction of our success rely on our ability to evolve.

The good news is we can. We can have even greater success that is sustainable and integrated with our values. It isn’t easy; otherwise everyone would be making these choices. And, if we are deliberate and intentional, our time and energy will be focused on the things that really fulfill us.

Today I work with Executives and Entrepreneurs to do success differently though one on one coaching, workshops and incredible travel adventures.

I am dedicated to you having an extraordinary business, extraordinary relationships and an extraordinary life.
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