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In the Coaching Life Podcast internationally renowned coach, speaker and author Phil Goddard interviews coaches and clients to give a real-life, no-filter look at the coaching profession and what it really takes to be a coach .
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033 Robert Kandell

In this revealing episode Robert talks very openly about his journey through personal growth, deep inner work and ownership, saying YES to all he wanted in life, with some miraculous results. This is another episode full of gems for every coach.
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032 Mark J Silverman

This episode is worth listening to just to hear Mark’s beautiful answer to my final question, and his humility and wisdom offers gems for all coaches throughout. You’ll not hear a more open and honest interview with any coach.
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031 Alex Mill

In this fascinating conversation, Alex talks about how he gave up everything he had to spend 14 years in a monastery, and since leaving has built a coaching practice, gives talks, runs workshops and facilitates events sharing all he learned in his Zen training to help people transform their lives and businesses.
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030 Rachel Henke

Little did I know that today’s guest had been living just 10 miles from me for 15 years, and also coaching for that long! - and it took a mutual friend some 4000 miles away to introduce us. Funny how life works that way sometimes… In this episode Rachel shares her story of building a business around looking after her children, only to reinvent it all some years later.
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029 Kim Kaase and Phil Goddard

Coaching Through Adversity
Life often presents us with unexpected twists and turns which sometimes seem to floor us, other times inspire us. In this very open, personal and honest episode, Kim and Phil talk about their recent experiences of running a coaching business through some of life’s toughest times.
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028 Lea Ann Mallett

How do you fit in being a Wife, Mother, Writer, a Speaker, a very enthusiastic Activist, and a Coach?
And, if as an activist you end up protesting and sleeping in a tree, how do you pee?
Lea Ann reveals all in this wonderfully real, honest and raw episode.
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027 Elsie Storm

From the outside it looks like Elsie achieved rapid success in her coaching practice. But of course, things are rarely as they seem. In a very open and honest conversation, Elsie reveals what was really going on behind the scenes, shares some wonderful lessons she’s learnt along the way, and has an inspiration message for other coaches.
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026 Nicky Bartley

At the time of this interview, Nicky had a high-quality problem with her coaching practice. One that many coaches would love to have. In this episode she shares how she created this problem, from having a mythical business to something quite different.
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025 Jesse Gros

In his latest book, My Life Coach Wears a Tutu, Jesse says he works at the intersection between business & entrepreneurship and what would be best described as highly-effective woo-woo. In this interview he shares his journey of being of service, how he built his practice from running retreats, and his current challenges.
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024 Matt Watkins

To say Matt has had a bumpy ride on his coaching journey would be an understatement. In this dynamite episode, he opens his heart and shares how his substantial investment in coaching and coaching training did not bring the results he initially wanted, and reveals with incredible rawness and honesty the part he played in that. It’s a powerful lesson for every single one of us.
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023 Monica Day

What happens when doors behind you are closed? When you realise you simply must move forward, the only other option is a price too high? In this episode Monica talks about how her one-woman show led to building a successful coaching practice, and how living an un-oppressed life is inspiring others to do the same.
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022 John Wittry

Whenever I think of John I think of professionalism, integrity and love, particularly his love for his wife. In this episode, recorded on their 31st wedding anniversary, John reveals his fun side too. He is one of many coaches out there who are running a successful coaching business without any of the endless selling and sharing we often see on social media. John is out there, getting on with doing it!
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021 Rohini Ross

Having seen her wonderfully real, open and honest v-logs with her husband, Angus, I was delighted to talk with Rohini and to learn more about her journey into coaching, and was curious about how those videos came about. Rohini also reveals her one guiding principle that has helped her through life and to build a successful coaching business. It’s something we all have and can all use.
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020 Pete Bryceland

How does someone turn fixing computers into a successful coaching practice? And how can being part of a particular community almost kill that coaching practice? Pete, who’s been coaching for around 12 years, tells all in this episode. With so much experience in both the private and public sector in the UK, he also shares some incredibly useful wisdom around the business aspect of coaching.
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019 Susan Andrewes

Susan is a very experienced executive and performance coach, and I’d seen her around the coaching community and was fascinated by the absence of the typical ‘marketing’ posts on social media we often see. How was she running a coaching practice, I wondered? Well, the answer is natural connection, rather than intellectual selling, which is just one of the distinctions that come up in this wonderful conversation.
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018 Tripp Lanier

In this episode Tripp talks very openly about shifting from dicking around to being all-in, the importance of getting support, getting your head out of your ass, and what he looks for in his dream clients. He also has an important message for coaches running away from their pasts, and reveals who has impacted his coaching the most.
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017 Amir Karkouti

In this episode Amir talks about how your coaching business may not need to look like you think it does, and is certainly not the place to find happiness, and he shares how his realisations around coaching and clients have helped him feel liberated to love and enjoy life. He also reveals his big secret to handling feeling desperate down & lost, the simplicity of which may surprise you.
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016 Kimberley Kaase

In this episode Kimberley reveals her very detailed strategy for building a very successful coaching practice whilst navigating some major changes and challenges in her personal life. Okay, it is not particularly detailed, in fact it contains one step and one principle, but it’s simplicity may just help to liberate you from all that prevents you from building the kind of coaching practice you desire.
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015 Jason Goldberg

Jason really needs no introduction. If you like to be entertained, like to laugh, and have any kind of interest in the coaching profession, you need read no more - just go listen to this episode! Jason is one of my most favourite people on the planet, his immense enthusiasm for life and fun is extremely contagious, and any conversation with him is so often a wonderful cocktail of laughter, fun and innuendo, laced with a generous splash of wisdom.
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014 Lian Brook-Tyler

When I met Lian at a coaching intensive a few years ago, like many there she was exploring building a one-on-one coaching practice. I wanted to interview her for The Coaching Life because what she is up to now looks quite different from most people’s coaching practices, and by following her heart she seems to be having a whole lot of fun whilst being of wonderful service to others, despite a few subtle changes in direction.
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