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023 Monica Day

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What happens when doors behind you are closed? When you realise you simply must move forward, the only other option is a price too high? In this episode Monica talks about how her one-woman show led to building a successful coaching practice, and how living an un-oppressed life is inspiring others to do the same.

Here’s a little more about Monica:
Monica Day is many things. Writer, artist, performer. Producer, muse, entrepreneur. Coach and overall instigator of aliveness.

Her innovative individual and group programs cover topics from sensuality to creativity to business to larger social issues of race and oppression (often in the same session). By forging powerful links between the private self to the public self, clients eventually realize an unprecedented feeling of wholeness that is life-changing.

Her performance credits include: a one-woman show titled Song of the Sacred Whore, a collaborative cabaret entitled The Secret Order of the Libertines: An Intimate Revolution, and numerous appearances at the Erotic Literary Salon and other spoken word and storytelling venues in NYC and Philadelphia.

Her business credits include working with start-up companies, such as Odwalla and The Republic of Tea, dozens of businesses and nonprofits as a consultant, and thousands of hours with groups and individuals to build skills in the areas of diversity, communication, and collective decision-making.

“If there is one thing I’ve learned, through this diverse and complicated path I’ve chosen, it is this:

Our best self is our whole self. Our unfiltered self. The authentic person we are when we are not trying
to fit into tiny boxes and roles and stereotypes.

Ultimately, that’s both what I do, and who I am: an advocate and instigator of embodied, integrated, activated, be your whole fucking self, live your biggest life, always.

I think that’s what changes the world.”
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