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034 Shanti Zimmermann

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Not so much an exclusive peek behind the curtains of Shanti’s life, because anyone who follows her on Facebook will already have a sense of who she is and what’s she’s up to. But it is a lovely conversation with someone who embraces her humanness to the full, and is deeply committed to loving and serving her clients. There is a beautiful simplicity in how she does that.

Here’s a little more about Shanti:
“I remember the days I would cry in the bathroom so that my family wouldn’t see my tears, because at the time, I didn't think they were allowed. I had to hide them. I had to hide me.

I had to be safe.

I live in the opposite of what many people would think looks like safety now, because it is the opposite of what I thought was safety then. Sharing everything and your mother’s butt on the interwebs, for all the see. Feeling all of my emotions right out in public, at the dining room table, in front of my family and my preciousness boobies. I feel. I feel it all. I feel ME.

Living this work is my deepest commitment to myself, as much as it is to you and BeingShanti. Fullfilling my purpose as an Emotional Advocate for Authenticity and Genuine Interactions and Ending Violence In My Lifetime. Which means, I refuse to do, preach, teach, or advocate for anything that I do not live. 

Living in Emotional Authenticity is the very foundation on which allows me to stand, fall, crawl, yell, snort laugh, and snotty sob without apology. It is my birthright, my internal wealth, my compass to freedom each and every moment. It is my truth, extended to you and held with tender care by me. Known with every cell, and treasured with every fiber.”

Continued on Shanti’s website at 

You can follow Shanti on Facebook at w
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