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035 Catherine Hummel

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Your enthusiasm alone cannot carry you. Catherine is devoted to her spiritual beliefs and practice in a way that plays out in all she does, and is the foundation of her work as a radical love and empowerment coach. In a beautiful conversation she shares her story of burnout and refocusing on being a business owner, and gives us an insight into the fundamental message of all of her work.

Here’s a little more about Catherine:
Catherine Hummel is a Love Coach, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and your guide to love over at
She helps women heal their fear based relationship patterns so that they can experience radical self love and attract the relationship they deserve and dream of. She not only cares about helping women find love but learn the skills and tools to make love last. Using spiritual principles and practical skills she supports women in rewriting their love stories. She believes healthy relationships are what will heal the world. When she's not helping others find love, she's living her own epic love story living with her husband Andrew in Scituate, MA.
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