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In the Coaching Life Podcast internationally renowned coach, speaker and author Phil Goddard interviews coaches and clients to give a real-life, no-filter look at the coaching profession and what it really takes to be a coach .
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052 Deanna Danski

Loving Out Loud

Deanna shares her journey from being an over-achieving, happy-faced, straight-A student, perpetually chasing perfectionism, through having a wake up call from anxiety and being guided by some realisations that had her relocate across the country, and immerse in a spiritual and loving exploration of being of service to others.
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051 Philippe Bartu

Honouring the Path of the Heart

Having your world crash down around you can be wonderfully liberating, particularly if you are willing to explore and, eventually at least, see something new.
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050 Jason Goldberg

Haircuts, Recovery & Clothes Dryers

There was only ever one person I wanted to help me celebrate this milestone 50th episode of this podcast. Someone who inspires, who is always super fun and loving, who keeps it real and is a dear friend.

JG and I talk haircuts, Mad Men, breakups, recovery, boners, clothes driers, and a game of fave & crave.
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049 Antti Vanhanen

Opening The Empty Toolbox

As a former habit and strategy junkie, Antti noticed that none of the tools and techniques he was trying seemed to bring the long-term results he was seeking. An insight into the nature of our human experience opened up a world where Antti simply gets on with living life in his own style, and he gets to help others do the same.
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048 Brenton Hughes

Investing in the Unknown

Brenton shares his journey from the other side of the coaching relationship - as a client and avid explorer of personal development, and how he has let go of everything to completely step into the unknown…
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047 Richard Morgan

Allowing the Ease of Nature

In his typically candid yet insightful manner, Richard shares his journey from lawn gardener, to gardener of the human spirit, from rampant convincing to simply embracing and loving…
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046 Stacy Nelson

Emerging from a Cave, a sledgehammer in one hand and a pen in the other.

What do you do when you wake up one morning to see the world isn’t what you thought it was and it was your fault that you didn’t know more.
What do you do when you realise your work and spiritual exploration had enabled you to isolate yourself in a bubble of omm from the world, and you could no longer not pay attention to what was going on?
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045 Cathy Presland

Previously working in government dealing with economics and European issues, Cathy followed her interest and curiosity about how we interact as people, how we are influenced and what contributes to human performance, and chose once and for all to jump into a career in coaching, with a commitment to give it her best shot…
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044 Adam Quiney

With much humour and humility, Adam shares his journey from practicing lawyer to being an executive leadership coach, revealing moments of shame, stubborn self-opinion, and what it was like to reveal aspects of himself he had been trying to hide…
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043 John El-Mokadem

What looks and even feels like failure may well be exactly what needs to happen to move you towards what you really want. In this episode John shares how going back into his I.T. work helped him become much more free as a coach and helped him increase his impact on his clients.
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042 Melissa Ford

The power of shifting to being of service. After twelves years of failing to fill workshops, Melissa hired a coach who helped her shift her focus, and since then she has continued to expand, grow and evolve. This episode gives us all an insight into the journey of an extremely experienced coach…
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041 Marina Pearson

Money, insecurity and freedom are just a few of the emotive subjects explored in this episode with Marina Pearson. In a wonderfully honest conversation, Marina reveals what had her go into hibernation, what happens when things go wrong, and how she has discovered what she really wants to do.
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039 Lian Brook-Tyler

In a delightful revisit to the podcast, Lian shares, with her usual effervescence, what’s changed in her business and in herself, how her business partner Jonathan and her are running the business they want to run, as well as discussing why we do what we do, what is true, and her strategy of exploration and test.
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038 Piers Thurston

‘My mouth just started saying different things.’
In his second appearance on the podcast, Piers talks in depth about the impact of understanding ‘The Three Principles’ on his coaching, his business, and his life…
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037 Damian Mark Smyth

In this episode Damian gives a very candid view into his coaching life, including his biggest struggles, in spite of which how he has always managed to create and succeed, and his absolute clarity of what’s true and what’s opinion. This one’s not for the faint of heart.
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036 Phil Goddard

In this special monologue episode, Phil spills the beans on the real reasons he created this podcast, why you should ignore all embellishment and what anyone else is doing, and also forget about yourself being a coach.
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035 Catherine Hummel

Your enthusiasm alone cannot carry you. Catherine is devoted to her spiritual beliefs and practice in a way that plays out in all she does, and is the foundation of her work as a radical love and empowerment coach. In a beautiful conversation she shares her story of burnout and refocusing on being a business owner, and gives us an insight into the fundamental message of all of her work.
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034 Shanti Zimmermann

Not so much an exclusive peek behind the curtains of Shanti’s life, because anyone who follows her on Facebook will already have a sense of who she is and what’s she’s up to. But it is a lovely conversation with someone who embraces her humanness to the full, and is deeply committed to loving and serving her clients. There is a beautiful simplicity in how she does that.
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033 Robert Kandell

In this revealing episode Robert talks very openly about his journey through personal growth, deep inner work and ownership, saying YES to all he wanted in life, with some miraculous results. This is another episode full of gems for every coach.
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