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058 Carol Glover

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The Punk Inspired Misfit

Currently transitioning from a rich career with immense experience in senior leadership positions, and now described as a ginger, punk inspired, misfit Exec Coach from the Isle of Man, Carol shares where she is at in the relatively early stages of building an independent coaching practice.

In owning who she is and what she does, in being a true advocate of the coaching profession and investing significantly in her own training and development, Carol demonstrates her willingness to do the work and whatever is necessary, and shares how she has both utilised existing connections that have supported her, and started to build new ones in some unusual circumstances.

Here’s a little more about Carol
Carol is a ginger, punk inspired, Disruptive leader and Executive Coach from the Isle of Man, who’s helped Entrepreneurs across the world.

She’s held senior leadership roles in world retailing, the public sector, IT and Property development and voluntary organisations, including CEO responsible for the Isle of Man TT Races(motorcycle), and Head of Buying for Halfords Automotive business.

Her leadership career has often been in sectors where she’s had little technical knowledge, so has had to draw on interpersonal, communication and listening skills alongside innate curiosity and mutual understanding and support as a key driver of team success.

In 2016, she studied Executive Coaching & Mentoring with ILM, became accredited by EMCC in 2018, and considers herself currently to be in the fortunate position of being coached and mentored by Jason Goldberg and team as she develops further as a coach, mentor, and edutainer.

Today she helps inventive leaders & founders find clarity, focus, & success from opportunities & challenges.

EI and Intuition skills allow her to think differently, make connections quickly, unravel complexity and build confidence in others to do the same.

She is passionate about co-creating resonance, to free others to explore original and inventive ways to simplify complex problems, situations and challenges to create clarity, opportunity and success for themselves and their organisations.

Her world vibrates to a positive, ever-changing playlist of music, theatre, art, laughter, nature, 2 miniature schnauzers and learning.

In her spare time she mentors young start-up founders to help them find their best self to navigate the critical early phases of their personal and businesses development.
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