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055 Molly Gordon

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Relaxing Into Wisdom

What has someone choose to close down their existing business without knowing at all what they’ll be doing next? What’s the secret to being married for over forty years and creating a sustainable coaching business over twenty two years?

In this delightful episode, Molly shares some of her insights that have helped her develop and grow her coaching business, continue to be of service and help to her clients, and have fun in enjoying the longevity of her loving marriage.

Here’s a little more about Molly:
By 1996 Molly Gordon had been a waiter, a writer, an editor, a business manager, and a full-time artist. She had a penchant for Jungian studies, the novels of Dorothy Sayers, and Improv. After closing her fiber arts studio, Mollycoddles, she agreed to help a few friends with their businesses. Before long, they were coming to see her weekly, not only with business issues, but also with life questions.

Molly didn’t know what to call what she was doing. It wasn’t consulting, and it wasn’t therapy. All she knew was that her clients became more engaged, confident, and pro-active in their lives and work. They were living into their dreams.

One day a client sent an article from Newsweek about coaching. Attached was a sticky note saying, “This is what you do.” And she saw that her variegated past had been the perfect training ground for what became her life work.
Twenty years and a substantial amount of training later, Molly is a Master Certified Coach, a Certified Mentor Coach, an assessor in the International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialing process, and an instructor at University of Miami (Coral Gables) Professional Coaching Certificate Program, 7 Paths Forward, and Coach Masters Academy.

In 2010 Molly encountered the teachings of Sydney Banks, commonly known as the Three Principles. She recognized in Syd’s insights the source code for effective coaching: human beings are part of an infinite intelligent life energy, and as such, they are inherently whole, creative and resourceful. Molly is now on a path to incorporate the Principles into the International Coach Federation (ICF) definition of coaching and mentors ICF-oriented coaches to integrate the Three Principles into their work.

You can find out more about Molly at
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