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056 Wyn Morgan

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Allowing Simplicity

In this episode Wyn shares his journey from being tickled by people waking up through the impact of a new understanding of how life and the human mind works, leading to him seeing everything differently, despite much of it looking the same from the outside.

Living a life that now feels as cool on the inside as it looks on the outside, Wyn shares how he has effortlessly connected with friends and clients the world over, and in being free from the confines of his thinking, his business has thrived.

Here’s a little more about Wyn:
Wyn Morgan is a 3 Principles practitioner based in Windsor, UK and works with corporations and private individuals in every continent around the world. Having stumbled across The Principles 8 years ago, he has completely changed his relationship to his own life and with himself.

Having been in the people development world for the past 20 years within organisations, and as a coach-consultant with his own business for the past 12 years, he now spends half his time working away from the UK. He has studied with Michael Neill and been mentored by George and Linda Pransky and Barb Patterson. “I am constantly amazed how much more there is to see and how much more wondrous and simple life can actually be”

“Helping my own clients in the corporate world achieve better results through the brilliance of their people along with those clients who come to me for their own personal needs is such a joy. I love watching them wake up to who they really are” Wyn says.
He is currently on the faculty of Supercoach for the third year and recently returned from a month working with his own mentor, George Pransky, to deepen his grounding even more.

Wyn is a patriotic Welshman, and given how much he travels, is thankful to still feel like a big kid when he gets on a plane.

You can find out more about Wyn at
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