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052 Deanna Danski

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Loving Out Loud

Deanna shares her journey from being an over-achieving, happy-faced, straight-A student, perpetually chasing perfectionism, through having a wake up call from anxiety and being guided by some realisations that had her relocate across the country, and immerse in a spiritual and loving exploration of being of service to others.

By embracing her natural ability to love out loud, being able to listen deeply, and see the true essence of her clients, she reveals how she provides for them what most of us have been been craving for most of our lives - acceptance, non judgement, openness, warmth, and support, and by demonstrating her own power of raw openness, in a dance of self-acceptance and self-love she inspires others to love, embrace and express their own beautiful humanness, helping them to redefine success into something they enjoy.

Listen, also, for a delightful outtake at the end.

Here's a little more about Deanna:

A multi-lingual recovering perfectionist and life-long cheerleader, Deanna took the advice of a fridge-magnet, “Leap and the net will appear,” and moved to California from New Jersey to gain a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology to educate her heart as well as her mind.

She serves her high-achiever clients all over the world to redefine what true success means to them. She provides a space of pure love and possibility in which they feel safe to explore beyond old ideas and expectations into embracing their true hearts’ desires. Her greatest joy is reminding people to give themselves permission to be human.

Deanna is also the host of Better Living Coaches, an online show featuring renowned coaches from across the globe, aimed to offer practical tools, skills, and perspectives to shift from living life to loving life.

When not coaching, Deanna can be found dancing her heart out, filling her belly with NY style pizza, or cuddling up with her two Chihuahuas, Lola and Penelope. Every day she reminds herself to love herself the way her dogs love her.
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