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040 Annie Romanos

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Annie is a straight-talking, loving advocate of being yourself, and she certainly gives us an insight into life as Annie in this very open and honest conversation. Annie is in a position of freedom with her practice, she is able to be free, expressive, playful and experimental, and it’s amazing to see what being that way has brought to her and her clients…

Here’s a little more about Annie:
From her little corner of the globe which is New Zealand, Annie works with ambitious female entrepreneurs from around the world to turn their ordinary into extraordinary. She cuts through the lies of their inner critic so they can see their brilliance, uniqueness, value, and power, to grow phenomenal businesses which are 100% them. Her latest project is Start With Who™, as well as a podcast called The Business of You. She has a cat, 3 kids and a husband, lives by the sea, and regularly tries to not put her back out in yoga by competing with her yoga teaching sister.

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